The three women I have worked with, as inspiration for this exhibition, each have some very unique qualities. I have materialized their individual strengths and characteristics into 3 pieces of jewellery. In all humility, I hope they recognize themselves.


Sophia Kalkau, Artist, MA. in art theory and author.
Sophia Kalkau occur as a delicate and fragile woman. But through her artistic works and texts we learn that she is in fact a strong and insightful woman.

Materials: Porcelain, opal glass, silk, cotton and 925s.
One of a kind, 2002
Photographer Linda Hansen


Vibeke Windeløv, Producer at Zentropa
I perceive Vibeke Windeløv as a charismatic and sensual woman with a strong insight with the persons within the field where she is working. She gathers the strands and keeps them in a firm grip and release the first of the moment all the pieces fell into place.

Materials: Birch wood, silk & 18 kt. gold
One of a kind, 2002
Photographer Linda Hansen


Bodil Udsen, Actress
To me Bodil Udsen is the crown jewel among the Danish actresses. She has a long career reproduced countless characters, with great conviction and power. Even though her public status she has managed to keep his private life to himself. The biggest "precious stones" in her necklace, are lockets, they have room for pictures of the people who have a special place in her life.

Materials: Mirror, silk & 925s.
One of a kind, 2003
Photographer Linda Hansen

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