Drops of Dew

The ambition with the making of this collection of jewellery was to make them being a part of a larger whole with the body. With the jewellery I build a space around the body; I let them grow so they shield and obscure the shape behind.
The inspiration for this work has emerged from the water and some of its properties. The way light is refracted through water and how objects are distorted when viewed through water. The small slices of mother of pearl is partially transparent and acts as a veil of water droplets. When one considers that part of the body that lies behind these veils, dissolved form and jewellery and the body merge into a new whole. All discs are moving, this add an expression of dynamic and life. On the way I want to introduce an element of unpredictability, thus creating an ambiguity that can activate the viewer's interest.

I'm very fascinated by Japanese art of natural imitations represented by an asymmetrical composition, which is also subject to a very strict form (here the chaotic principle jewellery is built around).


Necklace, Bracelet & Rings

Materials: Mother of pearl, steel, 14kt gold & 925s.
One of a kind, 1996-97
Photographer Ditte L√łkken

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