Condensator is a series of 12 curvy ‘bobbins’ created in a range of Danish wood types. Each bobbin has a large funnel-shaped, plate-like top and a small concave base – a kind of mouth. The ‘plates’ are filled with various liquids, masses or mixtures of these substances. One gets the impression that each ring is a small device or instrument, which mysteriously manages to transform something into something else.

Each ring is distinctive by virtue of what it has been filled with, but Saabye’s ability to control variation in the content form, colour and structure also gives Capacitor a rarely seen strength and beauty that brings the series together. The rings are not only pleasing to the eye – they also make you want to touch them and some of them make you want to sink your teeth into them. They are incredibly delicate – even the ones that look like they are poisonous. The really interesting thing is that these instruments work because of their sensual strength while creating doubt about whether we can trust our senses. They are teasing us ever so subtly.

Saabye’s jewellery is not only sensual but it is also intellectually stimulating. The very fact that she calls her 12 condensers rings is thought provoking. Although these rings are not worn as traditional rings but instead are inserted between your fingers, they make just as much sense as hand objects because of their shape and tactile strength. They almost slide into place between your fingers by themselves. The shape is not only logical in relation to the story but also in relation to the hand.

Mette Saabye is a fantastic craftsman. Even though she is constantly venturing out into new materials and techniques, her jewellery always has an admirable finish. It is as if Capacitor condenses years of experimentation in this exceptionally talented goldsmith’s workshop.

Ceramist Peder Rasmussen
The Danish Arts Foundation



Materials: Wood, reconstructed stone, resin and ink.
One of a kind 2013
Photographer Dorte Krogh

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