11 November, 2015

The Danish Jewellery Box



The Danish Jewellery Box at The Danish Cultural center in Beijing
December 2015 – January 2016

Since 1978, the Danish Arts Foundation has purchased jewellery created by Denmark’s leading experimental jewellery artists, and this exhibition therefore presents some of the finest Danish jewellery from the past five decades.
A unique aspect of jewellery is that is made to be worn. Much of the jewellery in the Danish Arts Foundation’s collection is included in the loan scheme launched in 2007, where someone taking part in an official event can borrow a piece of jewellery for the occasion. In this way, the jewellery can be used and exposed, and just like the other works of art purchased by the Danish Arts Foundation, it can thus reach a public audience.

The Danish Cultural Center, 798 International Art District, 706 Beiyi Jie, 2 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025, China

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10 November, 2015

MoA – The Danish Jewellery collection at MoA




211 pieces of jewellery from The Danish Arts Foundation’ s Jewellery Collection will in the coming months be shown in South Corea and in China. The jewellery pieces will first be shown in Seoul at MoA – Museum of Art – and afterwards in Beijing at The Danish Culture Center, which has just opened in the trend setting art district ”798”.

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10 November, 2015

Garnish – the exhibition is now at Gallery Equinox


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We are writing to inform you that your collaborative work Objects Of Desire has been chosen to join the “Core Group” of the Co:Operation Garnish travelling exhibition. Congratulations! This means that your work will be exhibited at this year’s SNAG conference at the Garnish Pop-Up exhibition (Boston, MA) and subsequently travel to the following locations:

Velvet DaVinci Gallery (San Francisco, CA), August 19 – September 20

Equinox Gallery (San Antonio, TX), October 16 – November 13

Baltimore Jewelry Center (Baltimore, MD), December 11 – January 8

Brooklyn Metalworks (Brooklyn, NY), February 5 – March 4

Thomas Mann’s Gallery I/O (New Orleans, LA), April 29 – June 25

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10 November, 2015

Skt. Loye in Copenhagen


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In October the Sct. Loye jewellery event will be held in Copenhagen.

On Friday the 2nd oktober the opening will take place in Rundetaarn in center of Copenhagen, on the 3rd October opening of exhibitions in Copenhagen and on sunday the 4. october a Seminar.

During the event I will be exhibiting my work in my gallery and in the main exhibition hall at The Rundetaarn.

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10 November, 2015

The Biennale for Craft and Design
1-29 August 2015






The Biennale is an exhibition end a competition taking stock of Danish crafts and design today. 28 projects have been selected for the Biennale exhibition, which will take place in Carlsberg Byen from 1 to 29 August 2015.

Jewellery designer Josefine Rшnsholt Smith, photographer Aske Rif Torbensen and jewellery artist Mette Saabye have brought different works together to form their collaboratively composed tableau.

The composition is a contemporary version of the still-life paintings of the baroque period. The painting element has been replaced by a photograph, which becomes part of the arrangement, and the objects are here represented by collected memories of individuals or a lost time.

The group’s aim has been to tell a joint story about childhood, based upon individual experiences, memories and interpretations.


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10 November, 2015


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We are happy to inform you that your application was accepted to participate KORU5.

The call for applications for the KORU5 was a great success. We received 363 applications from 44 different countries. We were delighted that the invitation for KORU5 exhibition was so widely noticed. It is clear that jewellery art is a global phenomenon. Because of the anonymous submission process it was impossible to say where the individual artists come from.

The quality of the applications was very high, the range of different proposals wide, and the amount of received pictures tremendous.

The jury met twice at the end of August and found the selection process very challenging. Because of the size of the exhibition hall, the jury was forced to reject many excellent applications. The final outcome was a selection of 51 artists, the highest number of participants in the history of KORU exhibitions. The members of the honoured jury were:

Helena Lehtinen, Jewellery Artist Katarina Siltavuori, Art, Design & Contemporary Craft – Curator & Consultant Jyrki Siukonen, Artist, Senior Research Fellow, University of Arts, Helsinki


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10 November, 2015

The Danish Jewellery Box



Since 1978, the Danish Arts Foundation has purchased jewellery created by Denmark’s leading experimental jewellery artists, and this exhibition therefore presents some of the finest Danish jewellery from the past five decades.

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10 November, 2015

Mari Funaki – Award for contempoary Jewellery



Some of my work has been selected for the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2014

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19 March, 2014

3 wonderful days at Schmuck










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7 March, 2014

Objects of desire at Schmuck 2014




Capture the essence of beauty, functionality & value.

Objects of desire is a series of one-off rings & objects pretending to serve an alternative functional purpose. The jewellery explores the meaning of function in general, and specifically in relation to jewellery and tools. The jewellery is made to resemble tools and is visually perceived as such, but essentially, it is simply jewellery. The form expression has references to funnels, drinking bowls, cups, handles and bowls for collecting dew or liquids in connection with condensation etc.

Danish wood types are used in the design. The point is to demonstrate that jewellery can be much more than anonymous classics in gold with diamonds, and that the jewellery we choose to wear expresses who we are and how we want to be perceived.

In her work, Mette Saabye attempts to explore and define the meaning and function of jewellery. One of the fundamental premises of jewellery is function, but how should this be understood, and can it be defined more specifically?

She asks questions and challenges common perceptions of jewellery by examining its wide range of possible applications and various forms of inherent value. Her jewellery can be illusory, carry memories and recollections and hold material value and multiple functions. In addition, the jewellery also serves as a means of interpersonal communication.

Characteristically, Mette Saabye always operates with multiple layers of meaning. The content determines both her idiom and her choice of materials.

Mette Saabye finds it interesting to combine natural and imitated materials and to process them to enter into a logical context. She finds inspiration in her close surroundings and in art and science.

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