Veil of Dew

To me, designing jewellery is an art form by means of which I can express myself visually. In this medium I work on observations, thoughts and feelings. I am basically preoccupied with the jewellery's relationship to -and interconnectedness with - the body. It is in the relationship between the body and the piece that I Wish to define the justification of my body jewellery, and it is in a body context that my jewellery achieves an optimal presentation and understanding. Veiled nakedness. The ambivalence of both wanting to hide and to show parts of the body and what is hidden inside is the theme of Veil of dew. The veil that screens and veils the sharp that lies behind maintains a private sphere for modesty and reduces vulnerability.

Hundreds of small discs of mother of pearl are connected into lace-like drapes that unfold above an inner form; they are partially transparent and give the impression of a veil of dew-drops. When one looks at the part of the body that lies behind these veils, the form dissolves, and the piece of jewellery and the body melt into a new whole.


Necklaces & Bracelet

Materials: Acrylic, nylon & mother of pearl
One of a kind, 2000-2002
Photographer Lars Gundersen

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