The starting point for the collection Monochrome, is to question the most basic of jewellery conventions.
I chose to work with the brooch because it can readily be used by both men and women, made in a format undisturbed can be worn at all occasions. A 4.5 cm round disk in the conventionally used material sterling silver.
This was followed by consideration of the significance of the material. The polished surface versus the matte white scratched finish.
How is a unique piece of jewellery with a lot of production-based and kitschy expressions, hand-crafted in precious materials, painted instead of enamel, composed of ornaments meant for other purposes perceived?
The first kind of machine-made jewellery were pushed up slim silver sheets between iron stamps. I chose to work with that kind of old tools from the beginning of the previous century. These ornaments are originally intended to be part of a different context, such as shirt buttons and bracelets stage, performed with a completely different finish, and in aesthetics referring to that kind of jewellery grandparents would wear on special occasions.
The result was a series of brooches with direct embossing, used both in positive or negative, some with moving elements, but all referring to the folklore jewellery in Scandinavia



Materials: 925s.
One of a kind, 2002
Photographer Lars Gundersen

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