The works are thought as instruments that can guide you in life when you loose sight of what is the right direction to go. When you are in a limbo, and not able to see things clear, there can be a need for some guiding help. The instruments are made to open your eyes and help you to point out the way to go, as a catalyst for your confused mind. It can help you into a mental state, where you are able to analyse what is right or wrong. It is necessary to look into your self, you and only you are able to see what is the right decision, and in what direction you want to push life, that is what the instruments should make you do. The expressions of the works are related to the compass, pendulum, bearing compass, the Saint Jake’s stick the octant


Brooches, Pendants & a Ring

Materials: Steel, silk, paper & 925s.
One of a kind, 1999
Photographer Thomas Damgård

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